The Medina of Sfax

Bab Diwan is the main door of the Medina, it’s beginning of the surrounding wall of the Médina on a length of 2 km. Bab Diwan was built by the Aghlabites in the Ixth century, restored and strengthened during these last years.

Les souks

They are situated in the Medina, between the Big Mosque and Bab Jebli.
The souk el-Jema is specialized in cloths, but also in hangingses, herbs and spices.
At the Blacksmiths souk, you will find many things made by craftsmens. At the outside of Bab Jebli, you will find also too many small and lovely markets.
At the el-attarine souk, you will find the souk of traditional clothes(jebba, chachia…)

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